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Hey friends, leave a comment on my music and we’ll post it.  Mahalo, Shambhu

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“”The Sacred Love cd is incredible.  It fills my house with joy.   I love it.””

-Jill, Princeton, NJ (USA)

“I think your music is awesome. When I surrender to it it touches me in areas music has never reached.  “Natural Moment” and “Maui Breeze” are 2 of my favorites I play loud just to ground myself privately. Both make me less insane, and much much more feel special as a human.”

-Bartel, Amsterdam (Holland)

“Meet my friend Shambhu…a sanskrit name meaning “Source of Happiness”…..thru him flows divine cosmic sounds….straight from the heart….do yourself a favor and listen to some of his music… will take you to the door of your heart =).  not only does his music make love to your ears and spirit….this guy’s heart is as vast as the ocean….”

-Mario (Encinitas, CA)

“Amazing jam! I could listen to that all day. Your music is illumined. Thank you.”

-Khokan, Tacoma, WA

“Wonderful. Had me blissed in the living room here.”

Geoffrey, New York, NY

“Your music is so very beautiful. You have a style all your own. It does remind me of masterful musicians during a time in which everyone was more focused on love, peace, and dancing in the sun. I love your music and your light.”

Edie, Oakland, CA

“And blessed NEW music! We’ll be enjoying some of your fabulous new music over the weekend. Great effort brother. Keep up the great job of “channeling” your Souls light & promise through these inspirational sounds. As you know it’s a blessed gift offered to many but successfully manifested by few.”

-Apeksha, New York, NY

“The music of the soul and the melodies of your guitar are just like love. Notes that bond, harmonize and resonate at the same time : Its simply deeply moving.”

Mieux que cela, la musique de l’ame et les melodies de votre guitare sont comme l’Amour:

des notes qui se rejoignent, s’harmonisent et resonnent en meme temps :

C’est simplement bouleversant.

- Naima, Morocco

“Beautiful music…expresses the sweetness and tenderness of the big teddy bear that you are on the inside.”

Aparajita, New York, NY

“Your music transports me some place magical that really moves my heart. So thank you so much.”

-Mario, Encinitas, CA

“I felt you pulling these notes out of the ether, putting them together and feeling through your heart the energy that you’re feeling…and its coming out through your guitar.”

-Pat, San Jose, CA

“What an amazing experience. Each of your performances were spot on, intuitive and perfect. Your musicianship and aesthetic are impeccable.”

-Ann, Cupertino, CA

“I think your music is just beautiful. It was peaceful and ethereal and simply lovely. Thank you so very much.”

-Beth, Sunnyvale, CA

“I felt light, free and supremely loved. I closed my eyes and within a few notes felt a love and warmth penetrate my entire being.”

-Courtney, San Diego, CA

“Shambhu is where music becomes a higher connection to Spirit.”

-Anthony, Sebastopol, CA

“I was taken to a magical place. Each note felt like a healing wave of love.”

-Abel, San Diego, CA

I felt joy and a true energy of peace and excitement. It was very beautiful and I was satiated with just Being.”

-Thaddeus III, Los Angeles, CA