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"Ultra-relaxing, calming, peace and tranquility.  

It's Acoustic Guitar Heaven."

~Dyan Garris, New Age Notes Radio

"Reflections by Shambhu is one of those singles that you could leave on repeat for hours and not even notice the time pass by, it is a soothing palate of delicious tones and vibrations, bathed in a memory filled tapestry of serenity and peace. This my friends is acoustic bliss."

~Steve Sheppard, One World Music Radio


"Warm, soothing and very peaceful. The audio quality is stunning. What a beauty it is."

~Kathy Parsons,

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Produced by Shambhu.

Composed, arranged, and performed by Shambhu on acoustic guitars.

Embark on a soulful journey with Shambhu's latest single, Reflections. Originally conceived for the Acoustic Oasis album, this musical gem remained unfinished until this November when Shambhu breathed new life into it. The song beautifully encapsulates the human experience of reflection—a profound quest to navigate the intricacies of life as we know it.

Reflections invites listeners to embrace the transformative power of introspection. Life, as Shambhu eloquently puts it, is a journey, and in order to navigate its twists and turns, we must pause at times to reflect and find our way. 

Shambhu's acoustic guitars serve as the storytellers. Emerging in the spontaneity of the moment, Reflections is a musical ode to the privilege of life itself and a celebration of the beauty that can be  found in every step we take.

Composer: Neil Vineberg

Publisher: Sacred Love Music (BMI)

Shambhu plays Taylor Guitars.

Mixed in Dolby Atmos and Stereo by Todd Boston (Spatial Sound Studios, Portland OR)

LABEL: Acoustic Shine

Duration: 2:51

Video Filmed in Nepal.

Director: Arya Kharel Shah

Discover the Soulful World of Shambhu's Acoustic Guitar

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