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How's Your New Year? Take out your Karmic Calculator

I live moment to moment. The great masters who inspire me have shown me the daily practices for living fully inside each moment.

A year is also a moment. It’s a collective of time and an opportunity to reflect on where we stand on our hopes, dreams and goals. And the end of the year is when we take out the karmic calculator and ask a simple question? How am I doing? 

Karmic calculator:  Add up the love you shared, the good and heartfelt actions you chose, and the sacrifices you made. Hopefully all that good far outweighed the actions we took for personal, self-interest, actions we took that simply wasted time, and actions we might have taken that were harmful to others (consciously or unconsciously).

If your math works out well, you’re probably feeling good right now. Serving out goodness and kindness is just the way to live according to the masters I follow. And the goodness we  spread in 2017 is a good investment in our collective well-being and a way to pave the future 2018 with steps of golden opportunity. 

I’m thankful this year that my friends and fans continue to support my music and for the opportunities I've had. I am thankful for those  who make life better in brilliant ways. And I am inspired by my family members and friends who are going for it spiritually, creatively and professionally, from gaining new knowledge to running businesses, to fighting cancer, saving the environment and spreading peace, we are going for it. 

Every year is an opportunity to become closer to achieving the promise of our lives. 

What is that promise? Well, 2018 is a great year to find out. And one way to get there is to be still, mindful and inward for a few minutes each morning. Meditation is a journey. It is a daily practice for controlling the mind and finding Source.

What’s interesting about my meditations - is that when I enter into darkness and silence, something else happens. I close my eyes and ultimately see and feel an inner Light which embraces me. And in the silence I hear an inner voice and sounds that emerge as music.

My 2018 resolution is to go deeper into Goodness and widen my circle of sharing. 

I hope your 2018 finds you living in heartfelt, productive ways that nurture your potential.

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