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REVIEW: Life Passage by OneWorldMusic Radio

by Steve Sheppard, OneWorldMusic Radio

There is nothing quite so magical and moving than a guitar played well, and here on this brand new single entitled Life Passage by Shambhu we have just that. A soft mellow back drop is provided by the artist, who goes on to perform one of the most beautiful and heart felt compositions of his career.

The combination of notes, chords and soft pads manifest a world away from the chaos we are dragged into from our television screens each day, we should shut down the chaos, and bathe in the truth of peace within the realms of utterly transcendent music like this.

Life Passage by Shambhu is the apex of acoustic guitar performances, it is by far and away the best I have received so far this year, one that is an experience of blissful tranquillity; this is indeed music for the soul, created by a loving heart.

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