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“Every track is a tasteful treat of aural escape, to another mindset or space in time. 
It lights the inner spirit and keeps that fire burning from start to finish. ...
and your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.”

~Keith Hanneleck (New Age Music Reviews)

" Heart Awakening is just what the world needs right now!  The album beautifully fuses new age and jazz styles with music that is soothing and healing yet complex enough to savor many times while discovering new things in the music with each listen....
there is something extra-special about this one."

~Kathy Parsons (

"Another charming collection of serene compositions that are so blissful; one could literally drift on a bed of musical clouds whilst listening.  Shambhu is such a master creator of smooth and tranquil tones, and Heart Awakening is one of those albums that will leave you smiling with utter happiness at its conclusion, perhaps even music to make your life complete."
~Steve Sheppard (OWM Radio)

"Masterful. Memorable. And full of soul. Heart Awakening is effortless peace.  This is as calming, soothing, and as authentic as it gets.   
It’s a quintessential piece of art for the healing of the heart."

~Dyan Garris, (ZMR, New Age CD)