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Shambhu New age Acoustic Guitarist

About Shambhu

Shambhu (pronounced 'SHOHM-boo') transforms stillness and silence into calming sounds. He is known for blending the beautiful sounds of acoustic guitar and new age and jazz music elements to create tranquil, mesmerizing music. His work has been described as relaxing and meditative, and it has been used by listeners to set the mood for an ideal environment.


He worked with Grammy winning record producer Will Ackerman on his 2010 debut album, Sacred Love, which reached #1 on the ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) New Age music chart. Shambhu's second album, Dreaming of Now, also produced with Ackerman, reached #2 on ZMR, and won Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the ZMR Music Awards (2014). His third release, Soothe, reached #11 on ZMR and saw two songs move into rotation on Sirius XM.


Shambhu is featured on Whitney Houston’s Whitney, Jeff Oster's Next, 

Ricochet – The Echoes Living Room Concerts (Vol 20), two Will Ackerman compilations, The Gathering II, and The Gathering I (ZMR Award for "Best Album of the Year"), The Guitar - The Best of New Age Reviews, and on Ann Licater's Doorway to a Dream, and Matteo Palmer's "The Minstrel's Return."

Shambhu also played or recorded with Carlos Santana, Paul McCandless, Eugene Friesen, Tony Levin, Jeff Haynes, Ravichandra Kulur, George Brooks,  Premik Russell Tubbs, Grammy winning producer/drummer Narada Michael Walden, and E-street saxist Clarence Clemons, among others.



2023 - Life Passage wins Best New Age Acoustic Album at the New Age Radio Music  Awards.


2022 - Shambhu releases Life Passage (EP).


2022 - Shambhu releases Life Passage, the title track from his new releasededicated to Chick Corea on April 27th.


2022 - Heart Awakening wins Best New Age Acoustic Single at the One World Music Radio Awards.


2021 - Shambhu releases his 5th album (EP) Heart Awakening on his birthday, May 31st.

2021 - Shambhu releases Heart Awakening on April 20th and Infinite Eyes on May 20th, two singles from his album Heart Awakening.


2020 - Shambhu debuts Heart Awakening on The Quarantine Concert Series hosted by multi-Grammy award winner  

Kabir Sehgal.

2020 -  Lilac Skies nominated for Best Jazz Album by the San Diego Reader.


2019 - Shambhu pre-releases Lilac Skies on February 23rd and releases the album on April 12. 


2018 - Shambhu recorded Lilac Skies ensemble tracks on May 14th at Fantasy Studios. In October he recorded acoustic guitars at Magic Cottage Studios and started mixing the album.

2017 - Shambhu is featured on the Sounds from the Circle IX compilation with leading New Age artists.


2017 - Composer / Guitarist / Co-producer with Todd Boston – “Soothe” (album). Recorded  with Paul McCandless, Michael Manring, Frank Martin, Kristin Hoffmann, Ravichandra Kulur, Premik Russell Tubbs, Jeff Haynes, George Brooks, Todd Boston, and Gurumurthy V.


2015 - "On Mother's Day", composed by Jeff Oster and Shambhu, for Jeff Oster's "Next".


2014 - Shambhu is featured on Ricochet – The Echoes Living Room Concerts (Vol 20), and on a Will Ackerman compilation, The Gathering II.


2014 - Dreaming of Now wins Best Contemprary Instrumental Album at the ZMR Music Awards.


2013 – The Guitar / Composer / Guitarist.  “Together” featured on The Guitar - The Best of New Age Reviews (Spain).


2013 - Composer / Guitarist / Executive Producer / Co-producer with Will Ackerman and Thomas Eaton  -- “Dreaming of Now” (album).   Recorded  with George Brooks, Eugene Friesen, Premik Russell Tubbs, Jeff Haynes, Charlie Bisharat, Frank Martin, George Brooks, Jeff Oster, and Celso Alberti.


2012 – Guitarist/Composer. “Hide and Seek” featured on “The Gathering” (West River Records). Produced by Will Ackerman.


2010 – Guitarist – “Doorway to a Dream” – Ann Licater (album)


2010 – Composer / Guitarist / Executive Producer / Co-producer with Will Ackerman – “Sacred Love” (album). Recorded  with Tony Levin, Eugene Friesen, Jill Haley, Noah Wilding, Jeff Haynes, Charlie Bisharat, Jeff Oster, Premik Russell Tubbs, Celso Alberti, Claytoven Richardson, Todd Boston, Rocky Fretz and others.


2010 – Composer / Guitarist – “Imagine” with Will Ackerman


1991 – Composer / Producer – JVC Jazz Festival Radio Ad (national)


1987 – Guitarist – “Whitney” – Whitney Houston / with producer Narada Michael Walden (album)


1986 – Guitarist/Arranger – Guitar Spirits (album)


1986 – Guitarist/Arranger – Equinox with Premik Russell Tubbs (album)

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