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Eve of Recording

Hey Hey Hey,

Long day today starting with breakfast with Muktambar Fulop, bassist with Lefthead and a former staffer with my PR firm, Vineberg Communications, and his girlfriend Katie. They then kindly scooted me over the JFK for a flight to Boston. Then (with not much sleep the night before), I drove a car across the State of Massachusetts, and north into Vermont, to arrive at the City of Brattleboro.

Right before I91 North, the i{Phone and GPS conked out. I had to pull over and recharge the phone from my laptop. How silly that a phone cannot last 8 hours. I was using the GPS, and right before the final turn to the hotel, the iPhone went into battery arrest. Lost, I turned right and the hotel was left. Intuition slept.

Imaginary Road Studios

I’m recording all day tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, at Imaginary Road Studio. Today producer Will Ackerman reviewed the songs we’re going to work on and shared useful suggestions. Practiced Through the Eyes of a Child, Hide and Seek, and Maui Breeze tonight and I’ll try to get an early night’s sleep. Check the blog. I’ll try to post some video from the studio and update you with latest news.

New age flugelhorn maestro Jeff Oster introduced Shambhu to Will Ackerman in early 2010.

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