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NO DEPRESSION Review: Shambhu "Soothe"

Thanks for John Apice for reviewing Soothe in No Depression, the journal of Roots Music.

"when I listen to these songs they inspire words in me that aren’t sung. This is the special music that is showcased here."

A bit of a different departure for me this time is the recent release of Shambhu’s nine track “Soothe,” which is nothing short of just that: something that soothes with transparency through the notes, with sensitivity and skill. This is world music but, in the old days this would have been considered Muzak. New Age. Not so here. Well, not so in a consistent manner. There is variety, but it's by a consummate artist and therein lies the difference.

While I do not hear a heavy India influence, despite several instruments traditional to that country, the album as a whole is a cohesive work of art.

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