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Why? - Thoughts on Las Vegas

My morning began as usual at 4am when I rose. And after some tea at Starbucks, I headed over

to the Self Realization Fellowship Temple in San Diego and joined a few dozen locals in an hour of meditation. I dissolved into a peaceful place inside the cosmic Stillness, offered thanks and asked a bunch of things. And walking out of my timeless place, I turned on my phone to read about a mass shooting in Las Vegas. This felt like 9/11 to me; a similar reflective morning interrupted by madness.  And I feel the same sadness, bewilderment and helplessness. The irony that a music event - which brings together people of all beliefs and faith - is the staging area for mass carnage. I am sad for the families whose loved ones were taken senselessly or have been injured. After the election I thought we were in for apocalyptic times; that is sadly what is happening. Why anyone can purchase an automatic weapon and high powered ammunition without the most restrictive background checks and limits is beside me.  How many millions of kids are playing mass casualty games daily. There are more more awful weapons coming. We must use our common sense here. If you're worried about the future, then do something to limit access to an instrument that turns a human into a weapon of mass destruction.  If you think this is the last shooting of its type, then do nothing. 58+ dead 500+ injured

Americans killed by guns in 2017 so far: 11,652 These folks have unfortunately sacrificed their lives for common sense to prevail. This death toll is not from a hurricane - it's from man-made destruction - with an automatic weapon made for war and massive death and casualties. Shoot these weapons inside licensed gun ranges. They should never be available for harming the innocent.

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