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'Dreaming of Now' Launched at Global Heart Concert

Shambhu released “Dreaming of Now” at the Global Heart Concert at Unity Palo Alto, on 7

December 2013. He headlined the show with a very special guest -- guitarist and producer Will Ackerman, who also co-produced Dreaming of Now with Tom Eaton.

This concert was one of several staged with co-producer David DiLullo, who founded the Global Heart Concert.

The band featured all-star players and friends. Shambhu Band: (top row) Frank Martin (keyboards), Celso Alberti (drums), Premik Russell Tubbs (wind synth, sax), David DiLullo (percussion), Shambhu (guitars), Will Ackerman (special guest - guitar), Jeff Oster (flugelhorn) and (front row) DeWayne Pate (bass).

Video of "The Journey" which evolved into the song, 'Knowingness' featured on Soothe.

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