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Tips for Becoming Creatively Unstuck

If you’re a creative, you may get stuck when you run out of ideas. We recently talked to Shambhu about his experience with creativity and came up with these tips for becoming creatively unstuck.

Q: How do you overcome getting stuck as an artist?

People who are caught up in routines can often get stuck in them. In that repetitive cycle, being creative is a challenge. Try changing the order of your daily activities, and introduce new, fun activities into the mix. Visit new destinations, explore new creative inspirations change up aspects of your daily routine, in order to refresh your perspective.

Q: What do you do when you don’t get the results you want?

A: Every creative knows what it’s like when you spend a lot of time writing a song and when you’re done, you realize it fell short of your expectations. Failure is a big part of success. Everything sucks in the beginning. We all fail before we succeed. Patience can be our best friend. In fact, people who are enthusiastic about reaching their goals make it because they are patient and just keep moving forward.

Q: What's the connection between music and other activities in your life such as meditation, cycling and swimming?

A: The musical creative process for me starts with listening inside for new songs. I can hear music more easily when my mind is clear and wide open. If my mind is full of stress, anxiety, worry, or conflict with friends it’s difficult to hear music in my mind with that noise. I meditate daily to keep a clear mind. When I meditate in the morning it creates the perfect feeling for music to come through. I also include swimming and cycling as part of my musical process. Swimming makes me feel super healthy. When I cycle for 5-10 miles, it feels like a meditation.

So when I'm feeling stuck these are things that I do in order to create an open space where the music can come through.

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