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  • Trish Hennessey

Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - International Jazz Day (April 30): with Shambhu!

  • Guitarist/Composer Shambhu is excited to present "Lilac Skies" - and we're excited FOR him!

  • Shambhu has played or recorded with Carlos Santana and Clarence Clemons and Whitney Houston - we'll definitely discuss these amazing experiences!

  • "International Jazz Day" will be something extremely special - join us and feel the magic!

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Click the Logo to Listen Live - April 30th at 1-3 pm Eastern

In keeping with a certain tradition for "International Jazz Day", your host here thought it would be a wonderful idea to give you a global visionary on guitar. Hence: Shambhu. (SHOHM Boo). Thanks to producer Matthew Shell, introductions were made and paved the way for YOU to feel the joy and serenity of a Master.

There have been four albums created by our guest. The first in 2010: "Sacred Love." This was produced by Grammy-winning producer, Will Ackerman. The response was such that it made #1 on the New Age Chart. The second album was "Dreaming of Now" - and some of the same breathtaking musicianship partner on Shambhu's current project. Album #3 was "Soothe" - which is clearly the idea of this artist's work. His mission is to lesson the stress and increase the peace of the listener.

"Lilac Skies" is new from Shambhu - and it is the fulfillment of all that he has attempted to give to us. This is a true HYBRID. Jazz, Blues, New Age - there is stillness but the STILL is filled with melody, a sense of hope, harmony, and a looking forward attitude. There is nothing sad about these glorious instrumentals.

Background: this contemplative artist has played or recorded with Carlos Santana, Clarence Clemons, and was featured on the beloved album, "Whitney." Yes, as in Houston. There is so much more to tell you when our interview takes place. When one has honed a craft as Shambhu has done, with years of playing and performing, there are stories too rich to share on paper only. You have to hear the timbre of a voice to FEEL that journey. On 4/30, that's what will happen. Let's celebrate "International Jazz Day" with many of the artists being featured on the world-wide stage - and with the magic of SHAMBHU!

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