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Lilac Skies by Shambhu (Single Review)

Based out of Westhampton, New York, jazz guitarist Shambhu has a prolific style that is both soulful and healing. Shambhu uses the language of music to reconnect people with the world around them. His fusion of folk, Indian, and progressive jazz styles has not only captured the hearts of many but has opened up opportunities for exploring new dimensions of sound. Shambhu’s latest offering titled Lilac Skies is a stunning example of his incredible talent.

Lilac Skies is a single off of the album of the same title. The track affords Shambhu the opportunity to put together an inspiring composition of instrumental poetry spoken through the words of his guitar. As Shambhu leads the conversation through an elegant and crafty style of guitar play, he is backed by an array of organic instrumentation that includes tranquil piano measures and a delightful bassline permeating throughout the track. Lilac Skies by Shambhu proves to be an artistic oasis in a modern world.

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