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  • Noah Penza

Fresh Out of the Booth Review - Shambhu Releases New Track "Lilac Skies"

Just a little about this artist before we talk about this new single entitled Lilac Skies; Shambhu is a jazz guitarist with a quiet relaxed touch in his music that has helped him to gain a significant following in the New Age music community of listeners. He grew up hanging with drummer Narada Michael Walden, and guitarists John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana. Shambhu spent time meditating with their Guru and jammed with Carlos a lot in their early years. With Narada producing for Clive Davis, Shambhu also had the honor of playing guitar on Whitney Houston’s debut album, “Whitney”. Shambhu would like to share his music with those who appreciate his hybrid sound. His goal is to move forward in the jazz world while still retaining the tens of thousands of fans in the world of New Age music.

His single Lilac Skies is off his full length album that shares the same name. The guitar on this track is soothing and pacifies the listener for the 3 minutes and 51 seconds it has the listener's undivided attention. A reverberation of calmness as the guitar reveals a soft narrative. There a no lyrics in this composition, and is beneficial for the listener to focus on the smooth melodies, and form their own interpretation of the tones and harmonies, created by Shambhu. You can't fault this track and it achieves its goal so perfectly. All chords are perfectly played and in tune to make the audience feel relaxed and at peace.

This is a highly recommended track. If you need study music or just some tunes to relax to, this is the composition for you. Look no further then the great Shambhu.

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