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FV Reviews - Shambhu - Lilac Skies

‘Lilac Skies’ is the beautiful new single from the phenomenally talented artist, Shambhu. He describes the song as, ‘Soothing Guitar for a Peaceful World’ and we can not disagree!

The opening of the song hears rich drums swiftly followed by Shambhu’s trademark sound. His guitar parts are melodic, effortless and supremely skilfull. There is no doubt that this is a guitarist who is a master of his craft. Shambhu reminds us of Santana and Walter Becker in places but make no mistake, he has a sound all of his own.

This single sounds as beautiful as its’ title suggests. Filled with rich grooves and toe-tapping melodies it is a masterclass in songwriting and composition. Hailing From Westhampton, NY, Shambhu is innovating the much-loved genre of Jazz with ‘Lilac Skies’. We adored the luscious grooves and riffs arranged around the magnificent improvised solos. Shambhu is a supremely gifted musician. He is able to convey emotion and heart through his passion for Jazz.

There are also many instruments to back Shambhu’s divine offerings. We hear; Frank Martin – keyboards, Celso Alberti – drums and percussion, Kai Eckhardt – bass and Premik Russell Tubbs – flute. Each of these musicians clearly demonstrates on ‘Lilac Skies’ the skill and expertise they possess in their respective fields. They create their own melodies and paths which consistently compliment one another throughout.

The mix, production and mastering have been executed extremely well on this song. It was recorded by Adam Muñoz at Fantasy Studios, Mixed by Todd Boston at Magic Cottage Studios and Mastered by Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios. You can hear the level of care and attention to detail which has been applied to create texture and balance.

We must also mention the inspiring video which accompanies this release. There are beautiful visuals of relaxing lilac skies and the colours achieved are breathtaking. We see serene images of a person paddle boarding, a marina recorded on a time-lapse and relaxing coastal scenes. We also loved the very end where we see snippets of the musicians who have provided the rousing music. A very classy touch.

Shambhu has an impressive CV, from having jammed with Carlos Santana to playing on Whitney Houston’s debut album, ‘Whitney’, he is an artist who is consistently producing music to the highest level. Check out this magnificent artist today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

Official Video:

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