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Sleeping Bag Studios Review - Shambhu - Lilac Skies

He’s enjoyed a great amount of success in the New Age music-community and gained a faithful following of fans that appreciate the smooth textures & tones Shambhu is capable of creating so well. “Lilac Skies” is a much more decisive shift into Jazz for sure, but it’s a welcome move that will likely not only please the massive crowd of existing fans he currently has, but creates a whole new opportunity through this crossover cut to invite a whole bunch more new fans into Shambhu’s world of music. Every bit as stunning as you’d expect it to be with the incredible resume he’s already compiled & experience he’s gained throughout the years, “Lilac Skies” comes out impressively flawless & completely engaging. From the amazing piano supporting the melody, to the intricate guitar work, to the excellent way that the rhythm section so subtly complements this entire vibe through the spot-on bass & percussion – “Lilac Skies” flexes gentle innovation, smooth creativity, and warm comforting tones from start to finish. It might be a tender & mild melody at the end of the day, but between the glow of the flute sounds and nostalgia-inducing chimes floating in on the wind, “Lilac Skies” produces an endlessly dreamy result that I simply couldn’t get enough of. It’s a single built upon entirely non-offensive & supremely inviting sound from the ground up – I’m sure it’s not just me; could anyone out there resist this charming tune?

Like I’ve been saying from the get-go, this ain’t an artist that needs any additional confirmation of his talent, let alone from our tiny corner of the internet – Shambhu is a world-class entertainer, through and through – and this new Jazz suit he’s wearing here, is certainly one that fits him extremely well.

Find out more about Shambhu’s music from his Twitter page at:

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