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  • Rebecca Cullen

Stereo Stickman Review - Lilac Skies - Shambhu

Fresh from the album of the same name, Shambhu’s Lilac Skies introduces the jazz guitarist as an artist with a fine ear for delicate melodies and soundscapes that embrace and calm an audience.

While there are certain layers of softness to the track, which prove to be immediately inviting and make for an enjoyable backdrop to your day, there are also a few notable riffs and moments that help give the whole thing a recognizable sound. And with that, there’s a sense of progression as the experience pours through. A light groove is enhanced by structural instances of evolution – slight changes in pace, sudden chord progressions that help keep things moving. All of this is subtle, but distinctly impressive.

Hints of piano and other instrumental, organic layers help build dynamic and keep you interested and involved right the way through. Though there’s a clear jazz core to this style of playing, there’s also something undoubtedly soulful about the performances and melodies offered up. The guitar work is sublime, more-so the further along you get – expressive flickers and subtle dashes of passion help really create a sense of love for and dedication to the music and the scene being set. The longer project is likely to be one well worth escaping into for a while.

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