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Take Effect Reviews: Lilac Skies - Shambhu


Lilac Skies

Acoustic Shine, 2019


Shambhu (pronounced SHOHM-Boo) returns with his 4th album of six string prowess, as he brings plenty of varied influences to his calming, meditative formula.

“Lilac Skies” starts the listen out with light jazz sounds where crisp guitars and winding grooves fill the atmosphere, and “Unspoken Words” follows with precise picking on a dreamy, contemplative affair.

Although guitars are certainly the main focus here, songs like “Dochas” recruit flutes and percussion for a lush moment, while “Blue Whispers” pushes and pulls with beautiful tension.

Back half highlights include the intricate keys of the flowing “Open Your Heart Sky”, the rich guitar lines of “Basis Of it All”, and the 7+ minutes of “Inspired By The Night”, which fuses countless ideas into one colossal, complicated, engaging exit.

Entirely instrumental (vocals are occasionally used in a blurry fashion), the ensemble recruit jam band and Brazilian ideas into this very spirited New Age record where blues, jazz and rock enter the very mature and flourishing effort.

Travels well with: Paul Winter- Earthbeat; William Ackerman- Past Light

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