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It Starts With One

by Shambhu

My friend and former colleague at, Jonas Forth, reminded me of a saying that I had back in my days working with teams at various startups and public relations agencies: "It Starts with One".

"It Starts with One" encapsulates the essence of success by overcoming obstacles. Every achievement begins with a single action, igniting a chain reaction of progress.

In the pursuit of success, it's about consistently moving ahead, generating momentum with each step. This momentum eventually builds, creating a ripple effect that amplifies your efforts until they can't be ignored.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when facing a challenge because we get caught up in mind which becomes the obstacle. Every solution breaks down to one step at a time. It takes takes one decision, one choice to take a first step towards overcoming obstacles. Indeed, these hurdles are more mental than physical, and based on one's doubts and fears.

However, by focusing on action rather than getting caught up in doubt, we can start to break down those barriers with small steps. Start with one small action—make a call, share your ideas, create something meaningful. Then, take another step, and another, until you've gained the momentum to push through any obstacle.

I once activated an entire new line of business for a company by contacting a few influential bloggers who jump started adoption. It was a simply a hunch I had on a Sunday afternoon. That one step generated millions of dollars in future revenue for one startup and it continues today.

So, embrace the idea that "It Starts with One." Dream, take that first step, and keep moving forward. With determination and persistence, every success story begins with just one action.

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