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Mainly Piano Review: "Infinite Eyes"

"Infinite Eyes" is the second single to be released from award-winning jazz/new age guitarist

and composer Shambhu's forthcoming EP called Heart Awakening. Like the title track of the EP, "Infinite Eyes" is soothing and relaxing yet has plenty of substance to sink your musical teeth into.

Sri Chinmoy reimagined the melody of a beautiful devotional Nazrul Songit by Anuradha Padwal and Shambhu adapted some of Sri Chinmoy’s melody into "Infinite Eyes."

The instrumentation for the piece includes Shambhu on acoustic guitar, e-sitar, electric guitar and bass; Geoffrey Menin on piano, Matteo Palmer on electric guitar, and Todd Boston on percussion. Boston also mixed and mastered the single, which was recorded in Shambhu's Hamptons Sanctuary Studios in New York. Acoustic guitar is in the lead for most of the 4 1/2 minute piece, but there is also some beautiful interaction with the guitar and piano as well as the acoustic and electric guitars.

Both singles from Heart Awakening are stellar, so I'm really looking forward to the EP!

"Infinite Eyes" will be released on 5/20/21 and is available for pre-release orders from Amazon and pre-saves on Spotify. Links will be added as they become available. The Heart Awakening EP will be released on May 30, 2021.

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