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One World Music Radio Review: Heart Awakening EP

Updated: May 31, 2021

There is a time in the later afternoon, when all you wish to do is kick back and enjoy the evening sunset, and pay homage to the day gone and all the lessons learned, the soundtrack to those mental perambulations would be well served by featuring Heart Awakening by Shambhu as the playlist for that mindful movie.

The opener is the hit single and title track Heart Awakening, one of the most smooth and serene compositions around today, and one that features a slice of ambient and sultry guitar, by a man who can be described as a master of mindful music.

The guitar of Shambhu ushers in another big single as track two, and entitled Infinite Eyes

begins to play. One must also enjoy the symbiotic partnerships created by the artist, utilising such crafted talents as Geoffrey Menin on piano and the delicate skill set on electric guitar of Matteo Palmer.

The very smooth arrangement of Preparing for Flight is up next, and its quality light Jazzy vibes drift across the room, and caresses the last shards of the day’s dappled sunlight. This is one very classy piece, one that shows the perfect mixture of new age acoustic guitar and Jazz, with an effect that is utterly blissful.

The penultimate offering from the album is entitled Little B's Poem; again that Jazz ethic is there, and weaved with a similar skill set that Dutch band Focus employed back in the late 70’s, with a layered arrangement and some quite incredibly attractive guitar and piano pieces; without doubt one of the most complex tracks off the album, but one well worth listening to many times over, to enjoy each and every subtle nuance.

The continuance of cool continues with the last track off the album and entitled Song for You. I must admit, this is such a perfect way to conclude what has been a perfectly serene and laid back release, and we can also salute the band of individuals that joined the artist to manifest a simply idyllic album, so hats off to Premik Russel Tubbs (Soprano and Alto Sax and flutes), Celso Alberti (Drums and Percussion) Frank Martin (Piano), Todd Boston (Percussion), and of course the aforementioned Menin and Palmer.

Heart Awakening by Shambhu is another charming collection of serene compositions that are so blissful; one could literally drift on a bed of musical clouds whilst listening. Shambhu is such a master creator of smooth and tranquil tones, and Heart Awakening is one of those albums that will leave you smiling with utter happiness at its conclusion, perhaps even music to make your life complete, and of course, a guaranteed huge chart hit surely.

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