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One World Music Radio Review: "Afternoon Rye"

Written by Steve Sheppard

We now swim into an ocean of serenity with Shambhu and a new single entitled Afternoon Rye. This is another of those very easy on the ears creations from the artist, and one that could easily illustrate for me, pulling back the curtains, opening the windows and watching the day unfurl around you, the contentment that the guitarist brings here is vast and deeply relaxing.

This is the second single to be released for the forthcoming album Acoustic Oasis, which will be released in October, and is an exciting new offering indeed. Afternoon Rye is going to be a huge hit with fans of relaxing instrumental music the world over though, each and every note played by Shambhu ushers forth a river of tranquillity to swim within, and something we will do most willingly.

There is something so deeply satisfying about this graceful new single; it has a certain charm that is utterly undeniable, and one must also say that the performance which heralds the arrival of this new song is both beautifully manifested and colourfully played, another big hit must be on the cards for the artist here.

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