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'Lumina' Review: One World Music Radio

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

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This is a wonderful moment, an easy drifting ambience slowly spreads across my afternoon, the quietude of a hazy day lies ahead for me, and the sound track to that delightful event is none other than a new single from the artist Shambhu entitled Lumina.

The brand new single Lumina is indeed the first single to be released from the forthcoming album Acoustic Oasis, which will be given to the world in October. Shambhu’s use of pause here was remarkable; the major minor feel was also a wonderment to enjoy, this is one of those songs that you could get lost within and never want to come home.

Shambhu is one of the finest instrumentalists of his time, especially so with his sublimely soothing acoustic guitar creations like Lumina, the repeating yet growing nature of this single is truly something to enjoy, and is a moment of musical magic to simply float off with in a blissfully peace filled reverie.

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