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'Acoustic Oasis' Review: New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff

Shambhu is a award-winning musician and guitarist Internationally known for creating music that seamlessly blends various genres, primarily focusing on contemporary instrumental, jazz, and New Age music. His unique style and artistic approach have earned him a dedicated following in the world of instrumental music.

At the core of Shambhu's music is his exceptional guitar playing. “Acoustic Oasis,” Shambhu’s seventh release, is ten tracks, thirty-three minutes of complete acoustic guitar serenity, mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos by Todd Boston.

The album opens with the luminous “Lumina.” Here, from the very first notes, we find ourselves instantly in a space of calm. “Lazy Afternoon” takes us immediately to those last special summer days where maybe we settle down comfortably in the soft green grass and gaze up at fluffy white clouds drifting by. What I particularly like about this song, and the whole album, in fact, is that there are spaces to breathe. These brief, effective pauses, make the album alive, and a living, breathing entity of its own. This is musical artistry at its most masterful.

Have you ever watched the shadows of dark and light play together? “Shades of Light” brings us softly into that space where imagination takes over and leads us further into deep tranquility.

The movement in “Pathway” is gentle and flowing and very nicely depicted. This is really lovely as is the whole album.

Equally as “feel good” as the rest of the tracks, “Sunscape” has a sweet, happy vibe. One of the things that strikes you about all the compositions here is that, apart from breathing and being alive, they seem to bring back your own life force in a completely effortless way. That’s true musical genius. And as I say that, we come upon “Inner Light,” which illustrates my point. By this time in the album, you are feeling much more yourself.

“Winding Road” brings us to our life’s journey, melodic and interesting, full of twists and turns. It’s one of those that we don’t want to end, and again, we feel our own vibrancy returning through the music.

After a long day, “Afternoon Rye” brings us sweet unwinding. We can feel the colors of the day filtering through every fiber of our being. This is very relaxing and soothing to the psyche in every way. Gorgeous.

“Love Garden” is equally as gorgeous and peaceful. Delightfully melodic, with those exquisite breathing spaces that leave time for the imagination to conjure up the most beautiful gardens of life.

This beautiful, “must have” album closes out with the truly lovely “Angel Blue,” which sits gloriously atop very soft, subtle string pads and flows along easily, leading us wonderfully even deeper into our own inner oasis, and to a place where we never want any of this music to end.

Releasing October 6, 2023, the album is ideal for relaxation, yoga, massage, healing modalities, and meditation.

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