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Shambhu and Jeff Oster Collaborate on Montauk to Mexico: A Musical Jam Beyond Borders

In the ethereal realm of instrumental music, the new single by Shambhu and Jeff Oster, "Montauk to Mexico," unveils a mesmerizing duo that transcends geographical boundaries. Shambhu's acoustic guitar artistry blends seamlessly with Jeff Oster's mastery of the flugelhorn, resulting in a sonic landscape that mirrors a street music jam — one artist playing on the east end of Long Island in New York and the other in the vibrant town of San Pancho, Mexico.

The very title of the composition, "Montauk to Mexico," serves as a melodic roadmap for Jeff Oster's soulful flugelhorn, resonating with the warmth of Mexican sunsets, harmoniously dancing with Shambhu's intricate guitar arrangements, capturing the essence of both coastal retreats. The composition serves as a testament to the artists' ability to translate their surroundings into a musical language that transcends mere notes. The sound is like a sonic postcard, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the picturesque scenes painted by the musicians. 

Shambhu notes, “When I thought of a song we could record together from our respective locations, my first thought was a spontaneous street jam. I first met Jeff in 2009 at a jam session with flutist Ann Licater on a Ferry Boat running from San Francisco to Alameda in California. “Montauk to Mexico” celebrates the spirit of that jam session and many since. He introduced me to Will Ackerman in 2010 and we have also recorded together on each others’ albums.”  

Jeff adds: It’s always a special moment when I get to create music with my dearest brother Shambhu. To dance with my horn and his guitar is one of the great joys of my life. This song is a perfect example of the two of us exploring the mystery of music together, and I am thrilled with what we are sharing in this song.”

The artistry of both Jeff and Shambhu shines through every note of "Montauk to Mexico." Jeff's emotive flugelhorn playing, with its nuanced phrasing and rich timbre, adds a layer of depth and feeling of expansiveness. Shambhu's guitar work, marked by its intricate fingerstyle and harmonic sophistication, complements Jeff's musical expressions with a melodic tapestry that is both intricate and accessible.

The collaborative synergy between these two friends and artists is a joy to hear. Their ability to communicate through their instruments creates a musical conversation that speaks directly to the soul.

They also celebrate the same birthday - May 31st - the date of this release.

Jeff Oster and Shambhu have crafted a musical birthday celebration that invites listeners to simply kick back and be transported from the shores of Montauk to the vibrant landscapes of Mexico, a testament to the universal language of music that speaks to the heart and soul.

Jeff Oster is a Grammy-nominated American musician and Billboard charting artist who specializes in trumpet and flugelhorn in the New Age music genre. He is a member of the four-piece band “Flow.”  Oster's style has been described as "Miles Davis meets Pink Floyd." He has released several albums as a solo artist, showcasing his skills as both a performer and composer. His music is characterized by its atmospheric soundscapes, intricate arrangements, and rich, soulful solos.

Shambhu transforms stillness and silence into calming sounds. Over his seven albums, he is known for blending the beautiful sounds of acoustic guitar and new age and jazz music elements to create tranquil, mesmerizing music. His work has been described as relaxing and meditative, and it has been used by listeners to set the mood for an ideal environment. 


Release Date:  May 31st, a birthday shared by Shambhu and Jeff Oster

Shambhu: Guitar, Bass and Synths recorded at: Hamptons Sanctuary Studios (Westhampton NY) 

Jeff: Flugelhorn recorded at: Madre Del Mar Music, San Pancho, Mexico. 

Produced by: Shambhu

Composed by: Neil Vineberg (Sacred Love Music/BMI) and Jeff Oster (Retso Music/ASCAP)

Mixed and Mastered in DOLBY Atmos by: Todd Boston (Spatial Sound Studios, Portland OR)

Special Thanks: Our fans and all the broadcasters out there who have made this musical journey so fun and rewarding. 

Shambhu plays Taylor Guitars 

An Acoustic Shine Release 

UPC: 1963622062995

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