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  • Bernard Francis Kyle

Unfathomable Beauty Review: Soothe Shambhu

The Third of a Trilogy. Shambhu’s most fully realized album to date is a cohesive, soothing journey with complex arrangements and extraordinary guest artists. Shambhu’s new album, Soothe, is being released on 1 February 2017.

In his third release, Shambhu maintains his acclaimed consistencies throughout - high production values, stellar musicians who shine, complex acoustic guitar writing and virtuoso playing, prominent horns, Indian influences from his Vedic spiritual practice, and reflective, emotional tones of a personal journey that is powered by the beauty of Nature. His style and spirit shine through, recognizable and fulfilling. New in this third release are vocalizations, including a track with lyrics written by singer Kristin Hoffmann. And a brilliant appearance by jazz fusion saxist/English horn virtuoso Paul McCandless. Read more

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