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  • Shambhu

Changing Strings

How many times have I changed guitar strings? There’s always a feeling of renewal. The songs that came through the former strings are thankful. And the guitar, itself a living being and participant, is quite thrilled.

I am playing today at Milagro Winery Tasting Room (1pm) where I’m gonna discover new tones in this guitar that new strings magically enable. The overtones and harmonics they shoot off will captivate my ears and inspire me to listen ever more deeply.

Playing extemporaneously it actually takes only a few notes to touch the heart and feel the depths within where music inspires. That’s where I like to go and I'm excited about it.

Grateful, too, this Taylor 816ce guitar was renewed so beautifully over the summer by Taylor Guitars in El Cajon. They spent 2.5 days replacing just about everything replaceable making the guitar like new - but better.

What do you think about when you replace your strings?

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