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7 Ways to Find Inspiration in the Morning

by Shambhu

I'm all about feeling good which is one reason I make music - so you can, too. And I know that morning time is an important time for launching the day well. Starting with inspiration helps me make it through the day. Here are seven ways you can find inspiration in the morning:

Meditate or Practice Mindfulness: Take time to sit in silence and clear your mind. Just 5-10 minutes a day offers effective results. This can help you start your day with a calm and focused mindset, which can lead to greater inspiration. Meditation has been part of my morning practice for decades.

Exercise: Get your heart pumping and blood flowing with some physical activity, whether it's a quick yoga session, a walk around the block, or a workout at the gym. Exercise has helped to boost my energy and creativity, leading to greater inspiration. I just feel better right after a workout.

Read: Spend some time reading a book or article that inspires you. My house is full of spiritual books by Yogananda, Sri Chinmoy, Vivekananda, Marcus Aurelius and others. I read motivational self-help books by Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer, biographies of Michaelangelo and Albert Einstein, and I try to focus my news intake around inspiring stories.

Journal: Write down your thoughts, goals, and ideas in a journal. This can help you clarify your vision for the day and spark new ideas. Try writing a few morning pages daily - basically a brain dump, whatever comes to your mind. Think of it as stream-of-consiousness writing. I do stream of consciousness music when I record and capture whatever comes through. At the end of the process are the songs I stories in time.

Connect with nature: Take a walk outside or spend some time in a park or natural setting. Being in nature can help clear your mind and provide inspiration. There’s a beautiful beach nearby my home where I walk to let go, a place where I watch the morning sunrise just a mile away, and a wildlife sanctuary nearby where I can hike various trails and interact with deer and wildlife in a safe, protected habitat. It all helps to nurture my music.

Visualize success: Take a few minutes every day and see yourself achieving your goals and dreams. This can help you focus your energy and find inspiration in your vision for the future. I often incorporate this visualization into my morning meditation.

Listen to music: Listening to inspiring music can help to uplift and motivate you. This can make it easier to start your day on a positive note and get your creative juices flowing. Here’s a Spotify playlist of songs that might do the trick.

How you do find inspiration in the morning? Share this post with your ideas.

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