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HAWKE CD REVIEW: Heart Awakening (Shambhu)


May 18th 2018 - May 21st 2021

SHAMBHU (Guitars, Marimba Etc) Album/EP: ‘Heart Awakening’ Released: May 31st 2021

“Shambhu’s latest EP is splendid!! … he includes musicians Premik Russell Tubbs, Celso Alberti, Frank Martin, Geoffrey Menin, Matteo Palmer, and Todd Boston.

Heart-Warming tracks with varying instruments especially the Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Saxophone, Flute, Piano & Percussion. ‘

Lady-Hawke & I both adore this album. It’s a splendid ‘Late-Night Music’ production!”

Recommended Tracks: “Heart Awakening”, “Infinite Eyes”, “Prepare For Flight”, “Little B’s Poem” and “Song For you”

Hawke Rating: 9/10

Thanks To: Shambhu!

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