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OWM Radio Review: Infinite Eyes (single) by Shambhu

by Steve Sheppard

In my view as a fellow guitarist, there is nothing so expressive than the mood and narrative created, by a mellow and beautifully performed acoustic guitar. Shambhu not only incorporates that, but adds piano and electric guitar into the mix as well.

Infinite Eyes by Shambhu is idyllic; it is a single that breathes fresh life into the day ahead, whilst reminding ourselves of the journey that we have left behind, the usage of minor and major chords is brilliant, as is the wonderfully fluent symbiosis of the additional piano and electric guitar segments.

With moments of reverie and slices of happiness of depth, Infinite Eyes by Shambhu a single from his forthcoming album “Heart Awakening”, is one of the most attractive acoustic guitar singles I have heard for ages, and deserves to be a big hit, please don’t miss out on this one, its truly stunning.

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