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Steve Sheppard Reviews - Life Passage EP

by Steve Sheppard

I adore any new Shambhu offering, as an artist his compositions and arrangements bring such an uplifting mood and a laid back feeling that aids and adds to the cadence of any day sublimely. Here on this new EP we have a collective of ultra-talented artists, as well as the master guitarist, and a journey of harmony and balance is created like never before.

Life Passage starts with the flowing notes of Because of You, with its delicate, light and pervasive jazzy flavours, and one of the most delicious bass performances courtesy of Michael Manring, a great start indeed, with a piece that on its own is a state of harmonic bliss.

On Gentle Flower you will find a pristine and almost delicate offering that is so melodic and memorable, Frank Martin’s respectful piano plays a perfect partner within this almost Folk like track, one that at times reminds me of artists like Jim Kimo West.

The next two pieces were also released as singles earlier on this year and are equally as stunning as all that has gone before, Life Passage has an added reflective energy about its composition that thrills me and takes me by the hand down memory lane, this is a wonderfully moving offering, one that gently brushes away the mists of the past to reveal a song so heartfelt and true.

Mars Dawn reminded me of a news item I read only yesterday, sources say that NASA will soon find a way to land man on Mars, and also to create his or her own oxygen whilst there, this track makes me therefore explore the thought of waking up to a soft Sunday more on a Martian Landscape, this track would with ease be my first choice to play If I was that astronaut, harmonic, redolent of the subject matter, and all with a little added mystery manifested for good measure too.

A sublime way to end the EP Life Passage, as Shambhu gives us, well, Shambhu! A wonderful blend of a world vibe can be found here, one fused with a plethora of other genres too. Shambhu means source of bliss or happiness, and that is exactly the energy this creative piece brings to the table, one that contains the illustrious magic of Premik Russell Tubbs on flutes and Nelson Myers-Daly on Indian percussion.

Life Passage by Shambhu has to be one of the most blissful releases of 2022, and on a global level we sure need it after the last few years. Shambhu has done it again, he has allowed his muse the freedom to roam, and the result is an outcome of pure serenity and calm with an uplifting essence, easily one of the most artistic endeavours from the artist, and will be one of the most pleasurable experiences a listener could ever wish to undergo, a must have release to be sure.

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