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SOOTHE is a musical journey into the stillness and beauty of my inner experience. The songs express spontaneously like Nature with organic rhythms and flows. Enjoy SOOTHE as a background or foreground to inspire your own reflections and calm. 


"PERFECTION IN MOTION! Feel the 'heart-energy' listening to SOOTHE! The combination of peaceful, heart-stirring compositions, and superb musicians matched with exceptional, state-of-the-art silky smooth recording technology -- all totals a winning recipe in my book." ~Bruce BecVar ('The Magic of Healing' with Deepak Chopra) 

"SOOTHE overflows with inspired compositions and exquisite performances. Each track offers its own journey within, bringing reverence for the earth, a vast rainbow of imagery, and cosmic spaces opening inward while reaching high to the heavens.” ~Lloyd Barde, Music Reviewer, COMMON GROUND Magazine

Limited Edition - Soothe CD signed with digital download

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