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'Acoustic Oasis' Review: The JW Vibe

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

by Jonathan Widran

Given the privilege to review Lilac Skies (2019) and Life Passage (2022), the most recent highly acclaimed soothing/relaxing guitar collections by veteran composer and musical visionary Shambhu, I dutifully highlighted the new age world’s longtime embrace of him and his vast artistry via accolades from Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) and other organizations. That roster now includes the New Age Radio Music Awards, which recently bestowed their Best New Age Acoustic Album on Life Passage.

I also noted his unique spiritual background as a means to understand how he began using his professional name “Shambhu,” which in the Hindu religion is one of the names for Lord Shiva, the aspect of his personality that connects with creation. Last but not least, because I was so fascinated by Shambhu’s musical evolution, I spent an inordinate amount of words recounting his eclectic, pre-acoustic music background, which includes everything from writing scores to off Broadway shows and playing Brazilian music in Brazil to working with Carlos Santana, Paul McCandless, Tony Levin and – on a track from Whitney Houston’s classic 1987 album Whitney – Narada Michael Walden.

Wildly interesting though all that is, it seems unnecessary because his latest simply rendered yet emotionally epic collection, the perfectly titled, beautifully compelling and heart and soul massaging Acoustic Oasis, has a compelling story all its own. Whether you know Shambhu’s spiritual and musical history is less important than the fascinating and largely spontaneous way he brought to life these ten gracefully melodic and tenderly rhythmic gems to life over a single weekend in late January 2023. He states his intention simply: “To offer a deeply relaxing acoustic guitar music. What emerged were these ten soulful songs as expressions of peace and devotion.” Read more at The JW Vlbe

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